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Privately store & share your music with confidence.

Auto-upload your tracks without even thinking about it.

The desktop app allows you to instantly upload your tracks whenever you bounce to your export folder. We keep all versions so you can see how your track improves over time. Just set it and forget it.

Home for all of your private & work-in-progress tracks.

Send secret links, see playback counts - see all of your private tracks in one place.

Private, safe & secure.

Send your music privately, with a secret link that only you and recipients have. You choose which tracks listeners can download, or keep them private.

Playlists: share your demo tapes privately.

Send a collection of tracks in the order it was meant to be heard in.

Basic features

Just sign in to Fasttrak to get all these awesome features, completely free.

Take your music on the go

Never forget a song at home again.

Auto-backup your tracks

Automatically backup your songs when you export from your DAW.

Safe & Secure

Rest easy knowing your music is kept safe in the cloud.

Comment on tracks

Now your homies can give you feedback, privately.

You control who can download

Everything is private by default, you control if people can download your tracks.

AI-powered lyrics generator

Writer's block? A thing of the past. Copilot your lyrics with AI, all right next to the track.

Private notes

Write lyrics, notes, or anything else you want to keep private.

Upload files up to 50MB

50MB, .mp3 - never transcoded or downsampled.

Up to 30 tracks

Keep your 30 most valuable tunes safe.


Send a collection of songs in the order you want them to be played.

Profile pages

Share a page with your followers that has all of your WIP tracks.


See all of your tracks in one place.

Hear your last version

Compare the last two revisions of your track.

Need more features? Go Pro.

Everything you get with basic Fasttrak, plus:

Larger uploads

Files up to 250MB can now be uploaded.

Higher-quality focused

Unlock the ability to upload .wav + .mp3 files.

Unlimited tracks

No more limits on how many tracks you can upload.

Tracks never expire

Keep your music safe forever.

Unlimited version history

Version your tracks and hear how your track changes over time.

See all-time play counts

See all of your play count stats including 1-day, 7-day, 30-day, and all-time counts.

It just keeps getting better

We're always adding new features to help artists kickstart the music making process.

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