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Effortlessly upload your tracks, automatically.

The desktop app allows you to instantly backup your tracks whenever you bounce to your export folder. We keep all versions so you can see how your track improves over time. Just set it and forget it.

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Home for all of your private & work-in-progress tracks.

Send secret links, see playback counts - see all of your private tracks in one place.

Private, safe & secure.

Send your music privately, with a secret link that only you and recipients have. You choose which tracks listeners can download, or keep them private.

Playlists: share your demo tapes privately.

Build your next projects tracklist & send a collection of songs in the order they were meant to be heard.

Basic features

Just sign in to Fasttrak to get all these awesome features, completely free.

Take your music on the go

Never forget a song at home again. The car test has never been easier.

Auto-backup your tracks

Automatically backup your songs when you export from your DAW.

Safe & Secure

Rest easy knowing your music is private & backed-up in the cloud.

Comment on tracks

Now your homies can give you feedback, at specific timestamps so you know what they are talking about.

You control who can download

Everything is private by default, you control if people can download your tracks. Songs stay private until you're ready to share.

AI-powered lyrics assistant

Writer's block? A thing of the past. Copilot your lyrics with AI, all right next to the track.

Private notes

Write notes, make to-dos, or anything else you want to remember about your track.

High quality uploads

250MB per file, M4A, Flac + Wav - never transcoded or downsampled.

Up to 1GB of storage

Store unlimited files up to 1GB, for free.


Send a collection of songs in the order you want them to be played, & prepare your next releases tracklist.

Profile pages

Share a page with your fans that has all of the songs you made public.


See all of your uploaded tracks in one place. Manage privacy, versions, playlists, & more.

Unlimited version history

Upload versions of your tracks & hear how your song changes over time.

Need more? Go Pro.

Upgrade only when you're ready. Everything you get with basic Fasttrak, plus:

Zip file storage & transfer

Store your project zip right next to your demo, or share it to a collaborator easily.

Upload massive songs

Upload files up to 250MB.

Higher-quality focused

Unlock the ability to upload all major audio file types (M4A, WAV, MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC)

Practically unlimited storage

No more limits on how many tracks you can upload. Store up to 100GBs of music, & upgrade further as needed.

Tracks never expire

Keep your music safe as long as your account is active.

Artist Spotlight

Be eligable to be showcased across our socials, promoted on our home page, & more.

See all-time play counts

See all of your play count stats including 1-day, 7-day, 30-day, and all-time counts.

Reduced transaction commission

Keep more of your earnings from sales through Fasttrak.

Album & track cover art

Add your album art to playlists and individual tracks.

Pro badge

Show off your Pro status on your profile.

Display your socials

List your socials on your profile and connect with people and grow your fanbase even faster.

Priority support

Get help faster with our priority support.

Increased affiliate earnings

Earn more from the people you refer to Fasttrak.

New features, first

Get access to new features before anyone else.

It just keeps getting better

We're always adding new features to help artists improve the creation process & make their best music.

Plans for all levels

Start for free, no credit card needed. Level up your music workflow. Upgrade only when you need it.





  • 250MB file size uploads
  • Up to 1GB of free storage
  • Basic privacy controls
  • WAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC support
  • Auto-backup desktop app
  • Timestamped comments on tracks
  • Dedicated spot to store your lyrics
  • Unlimited versions of each track
  • Songs expire after 1 year
  • AI lyric copilot
  • Have a public profile for your fans
  • Create unlimited playlists

Most Popular





  • Everything in Starter, plus
  • 100GBs of storage*
  • Advanced privacy controls
  • Upgraded analytics
  • Add album artwork to tracks & playlists
  • Store project zips with the track
  • Reduced transaction commission
  • Special Pro badge
  • Songs never expire
  • Artist Spotlight eligibility
  • Increased affiliate earnings
  • Priority support

*Additional storage available

Don't take our word for it...

What artists are saying

We're honored to work with some incredible artists

Fasttrak let's me write lyrics right next to the beat, auto-upload all my bounces, and share them with my producer. It's like Google Docs designed for music.

Rich G - Rapper

Fasttrak simply gave me the ability to host my music, track metrics I did not consider before and share privately to an audience of my choice. Unparalleled product and looking forward to whatever these guys come up with.

babe - Producer & Engineer

Fasttrak cuts out all of the fluff. It's the least number of steps possible to upload work-in-progress versions of your new songs so that your listeners can connect with your creative process as an artist.

Dane Myers - Independent Artist

Fasttrak is the perfect tool for sharing my music with my clients. I can easily send them a link to the latest mix, and they can leave feedback right on the track.

Suspenceful - Producer & Engineer

This app is home base for all my music in progress. I’ve used a lot of file sharing apps, but this was the first one where I felt like it was designed for a musician. I’m surprised nothing like this already existed. I hope more musicians discover Fasttrak soon.

Kidd Collage - Independent Artist

It was always a pain for me to easily transfer my music across my different devices. I’m sure musicians that use a mix of Windows, Android, and Mac products can relate. Now I have an online archive for all my music. Less headache, more time to focus on making music.

Moonface - Independent Artist

Majority of the music I create requires teamwork from different people around the globe. Fasttrak is a convenient option to send, receive, and easily download samples. I am looking forward to seeing what Fasttrak is up to next.

Oadevour - Producer

Fasttrak leveled up my workflow. I can leave mix notes exactly at the part of the song I'm talking about. It's like having a conversation with my producer, but in the song itself.

Oddsmokee - Singer & Rapper

I always wanted a tool that allowed me to share my WIPs with my producer friends & fans. Fasttrak is the perfect solution for that. No more wrong sharing permissions, no more waiting for files to upload, no more confusion. It's a no-brainer.

Dougie Darko - Producer

Our artists have been using Fasttrak to share demos, mixes, & more. We can't imagine going back to email attachments, Drive, or Dropbox. To us, Fasttrak is the future of music collaboration.

Augmented - Independent Label

Frequently Asked Questions


Making your music production work, flow.

Often we think of music after it's been released and distributed. At Fasttrak we believe the creation process is just as important as the final product. Artists want privacy to share with collaborators without concern. Labels want ways to send tracks to their team without worrying about leaks, and everyone wants a centralized way to manage their music without using a ton of disjointed tools. Fasttrak's platform brings artists & audiences together in a new way.



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